Welcome to my home

If you haven't already guessed from the name of the website, my pseudonym is Jason Whatever, I am a cartoonist come illustrator and this is a site offering my creative skills.

I have been designing cartoons for over 18 years and have created cartoons and graphics for a vast range of subjects from environmental issues to picture framing. The majority of my work as been for Commercial use from Local Councils to National Companies backed up with published cartoons in magazines and newspapers.

Every cartoonists style is different - this site gives you a taster of my unique, colourful style and humour.

Need a cartoonist, then Jason Whatever can do the following and more:

  • Cartoons - Single panel gag cartoons, strip cartoons and full page cartoons
  • Illustrations - cartoon style to illustrate a point but not just to tell a joke
  • Character Concepts - unique characters for promotional
  • Business Cartoons - cartoons designed for all types of commercial use
  • Web Cartoons - cartoons designed for all types of web use

If what you are looking for isn't mentioned then contact me with your requirements and I'll see if I can meet your challenge.

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