About Jason Whatever

If you haven't already guessed from the name of the website, my pseudonym is Jason Whatever, I am cartoonist come Illustrator...

I can thank the cartoonist Simon Bond (101 uses of a Dead Cat) for my pseudonym Jason Whatever. I used to use the name Jason W. and after going through the flood of rejection letters, like every cartoonist will have, I asked Simon Bond (the then editor of a short lived magazine called Squib) for advice. Apart from the usual "keep at it" he commented on my pseudonym - he wrote "drop the W and use... er... Whatever or something" and so Jason Whatever was created.

I have been designing cartoons for 20 years and have created cartoons and graphics for a vast range of subjects from environmental issues to picture framing. The majority of my work as been for Commercial use from Local Councils to National Companies backed up with published cartoons in magazines and newspapers.

My influences and admirations

What first got me into cartoons - I can't really pinpoint it down to one thing. Before the age of computer animation Disney was king for feature films. For tv it was always Inspector Gadget, Danger Mouse, Hong Kong Phooie and Count Duckula.

When it comes to cartoon strips Hagar the Horrible made me smile but the only cartoonist I have ever laughed out loud to is Calvin and Hobbes wonderfully drawn by Bill Watterson.
On the illustration side, the work of Brian Froud is always inspiring.

Nowadays Pixar and Dreamworks are the masters of computer animation, Wallace and Gromit are still brilliant, the recent Howls Moving Castle is also wonderfully drawn.

Your next step is to contact me

If you are interested in using the creative skills of Jason Whatever then you can click here for my contact details.

I recommend (or should I say, ask nicely) you return frequently and click on my Latest Sightings button to see what I've been up to lately. You could always add the page to your favourites. To view my best work visit my Cartoonist's Portfolio.

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