Business and Web Cartoons

When it comes to promoting your business or website, a picture is worth a thousand words and a cartoon can do that with a smile.

Business Cartoons

Cartoons have been designed for business use range from character logos, promotional literature to presentations and training material.

From black and white to full colour, my cartoons look professional on any commercial project so instead of settling for stock photography or clip-art, just think what impression you could give of your business using my services.

Business Cartoons

Web Cartoons

Cartoons for the web are like cartoons for print except that you can animate them slightly. You can use a web cartoon as often as you wish and they don't come with publishing costs. They can be as big and elaborate as required.

Cartoons that I design for the web are created in .jpg or .gif format and are optimised to reduce file size, this allows them to appear on web pages using less bandwidth.

For ways my cartoon style can help your business or website - view my Portfolio for examples of my work

Cartoons could be:

  • Character concepts - part of a logo or brand.
  • Cartoons / Illustrations - for presentational meterial
  • Promotional Cartoons - literature, adverts and presention displays.
  • Logos - cartoon character or image part or whole of logo
  • Icons - images for buttons, apply here and call to actions
  • Site Guide - a character can be used to help illustrate points or features
  • Gag Cartoon - a joke cartoon regularly changed (i.e. daily, weekly or monthly)
  • Banners - used to promote your site or product on other websites

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I recommend (or should I say ask nicely) you return frequently and click on my Latest Sightings button to see what I've been up to lately. You could always add the page to your favourites. To view some of my best work visit a Cartoonist's Portfolio.

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